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Urdu Poetry


Urdu Poetry has deep roots inside. It is an important part of Pakistani and Hindustani Culture. Allama Iqbal, Mirza Ghalib, Mir Dard, Mir Taqi Mir, Akbar Allahabadi, and Meer Anees were considered the best Urdu and Hindi Poets. They have done tremendous work in Urdu Poetry.

Urdu Poets like Allama Iqbal, Jaun Elia, Ahmed FarazParveen Shakir, Kaifi Azmi, Bulleh Shah, Faiz Ahmed Faiz, Munir Niazi, Mirza Ghalib, Habib Jalib, Saghar Siddiqui, Mohsin Naqvi, Amjad Islam Amjad, Farhat Abbas Shah, and Wasi Shah have done remarkable work in the history of Urdu and Hindi languages. Their poetry is much liked by people of all ages.

Important Forms of Urdu Poetry

There exists are various forms of Urdu Poetry in our literature: -
    1. Ghazal is a set of two linear couplets that end with the same rhyme, which is the most difficult form of poetry. Five couplets form ghazal and may or may not be of the same thought. Matla and Maqta make a ghazal.
    2. Hamd is a form of poetry in which the poet praise Allah and it means ‘praise’.
    3. Manqabat is a different style of poetry. Manqabat is a poem in praise of any Sufi saint.
    4. Marsiya is a unique style of poetry to recall the sacrifices of Hasan and Hussain.
    5. Mir Taqi Mir and Sauda were famous Masnavi writers. It is a type of poem in which love and romance style is obvious.
    6. Naat is a type of poetry in which Urdu Poets praise Hazrat Muhammad (SAW).
    7. Nazam is a different and unique type of Poetry. Famous Nazam poets were Allama Iqbal, Nazeer Akbarabadi, Noon Meem Rashid, Josh, and Kaifi Azmi, etc.
    8. Qasida is an advanced form of the ghazal.
    9. Rubai is a poem of four-lines used to describe events in a logical order.
    10. Tazkira is a biography expressed in an orderly manner.

People enjoy different styles of poetry. Some enjoy reading love poetry and some prefer to read romantic poetry. Even some enjoy reading and listening to Urdu Ghazals too. The list is as under: -

    1. Funny Poetry
    2. Friendship Poetry
    3. Political Poetry
    4. Life Poetry
    5. Religious Poetry
    6. Birthday Poetry
    7. Rain Poetry
    8. Islamic Poetry
    9. Punjabi Poetry
    10. English Poetry
    11. Events Poetry
    12. Patriotic Poetry
    13. Eid Poetry
    14. December Poetry
    15. New Year Poetry
    16. Shadi Poetry
    17. Valentine Day Poetry
    18. Autumn Poetry
    19. Broken Heart Poetry
    20. Chand Raat Poetry
    21. Hope Poetry
    22. Emotional Poetry
    23. Parents poetry
    24. Teachers Poetry
    25. Flowers Poetry
    26. Eyes Poetry
    27. Death Poetry

Important Styles of Urdu Poetry

    1. Love Poetry and Romantic Poetry is written in love with someone and is a way to express feelings in a wholesome way. The Urdu language is filled with romantic and love poetry. According to lovers, love is the simplest cause of existence in this world. Love poetry is the language of affection used to express genuine feelings and enhances the reader’s emotional life.
    2. Urdu Sad Poetry is the expression and feelings of sorrows and grievances of someone. He or she get relaxation after reading sad poetry and gets calm.  In Indo-Pak, there are many poets who have done remarkable work on sad poetry. It is a difficult medium of poetry to express your boredom and sadness. Mirza Ghalib, Mir Dard, and Mir Taqi Mir are poets of this prose.
    3. Friendship Poetry – It is the most famous style of prose. People enjoy this style of poetry very much. It is easy to write. According to poets understanding someone’s psychology and feelings is called friendship poetry.  
    4. Funny Poetry - Funny poetry removes sadness from our thoughts. Poets used it to remove sadness.
    5. Political Poetry - Type of poetry in which political element is highlighted in poetry. Good leaders are encouraged at their good work and others are advised to refrain from bad actions.
    6. Religious Poetry – Type of poetry in which religious factors are highlighted in poetry. A good poet tries to convey religious obligations someone needs to perform in society through his/ her prose.
    7. English Poetry – writes those who are native to English. William Shakespeare, Oscar Wilde, John Keats, William Wordsworth, and John Milton are famous English Poetry Writers.
    8. Birthday Poetry – Birthday is a day remembered by everyone. Everyone desires to be wished on his/ her birthday and waiting for birthday gifts and best wishes. Birthday wishes are special messages that tell someone how he or she is special to someone. We celebrate birthday parties of our beloved in a special way.
    9. Punjabi Poetry – It is written and reads by those who are native to Punjabi speaking.  The best Punjabi poets were Waris Shah, Mushtaq Ahmed Yousafi and Bulleh Shah are famous Punjabi Poets.
    10. December Poetry - Winter always inspires poets and readers and recalled old memories. This month raise hidden feelings and emotions among readers of all age. This month is associated with missing friends, lost relationships, and lost love.
    11. Events Poetry – It is a type of poetry associated with events and occasions. Eid is an occasion where people enjoy sharing each other’s thoughts in a proseful way.
    12. Patriotic Poetry - It is associated with sacrifices made by our armed forces, love, and unity associated with our motherland. It is written to appraise soldiers who are our real national heroes. Their sacrifices are memorized and praised through patriotic poetry.
    13. New Year Poetry – New Year brings new hopes and courage to readers. Our poets had written the very best Urdu Poetry on New Year. Wishing New Year messages to loved ones is a tradition of our society.  
    14. Valentine Day Poetry – 14th February is valentine's day. The day of lovers to express feelings to their beloved ones.
    15. Shadi Poetry – Shadi is an important obligation in one’s life. The event is enjoyed in a mesmerizing way. Shadi Poetry is a way to express good wishes to the new couple.
    16. Urdu Ghazals – We cannot deny the importance of Urdu ghazals in our literature. Allama Iqbal, Faiz Ahmed Faiz, Mir Taqi Mir, Mirza Ghalib, Qateel Shifai, and Mir Dard are renowned Urdu ghazals poets.

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